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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving to IB and Xomba

With all the drama going on at eHow, I am moving my deleted stuff to Info Barrel and Xomba. I am not quitting eHow by a long shot. But, I might as well have three articles on the same topic instead of just one. And since we have no idea when and how the eHow purge will evolve... You have to look out for yourself.

The move is not all roses and joy though. Each article is essentially rewritten twice over. This ensures there is no duplicate content. And, IB requires original content just like eHow. I am not sure about Xomba but right now I am not taking any chances.

Since I only have two nights a week to dedicate to this, it might take a while.

I am working on a post that will talk about how to write with limited time. I think it might be useful to each of us.

So, what is on your mind? How is life? How is your freelancing coming along?

Until next time - Phil