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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Full Circle or Closed Loop Posting System

As writers we want readers. Since we are online writers, we want those readers to have easy access to our material. My personal technique to meet this challenge is called the full circle or closed loop approach. By using a closed loop system you really ramp up the backlinks and get a jump on promotion.

This approach works best for me when I need more than one article on a generic topic. I tend to be verbose without some self discipline and brutal editing. This allows me the freedom to write the huge article and then break it apart.

The very first thing to do is write your generic information article. This "parent" piece will serve as a good general reference on its own as well as pointing the way to more detailed info via the "child" articles. I did some research and have decided to go with as my place to post parent articles.

eHow is great for step-by-step publishing. But, some articles simply don't fit that mold. At IB I can write a good quality generic piece on “things you need”. Each paragraph can give the basics. Then, you provide a link to an eHow piece that expands the generic data to a step-by-step format. This also allows the reader to decide the level of help they want. The best way to visualize this is to think of a textbook that has chapter summaries. The parent article is the executive summary of the (child articles) series.

Honestly, this is not meant as an IB plug, but you need to know that they pay half of all adsense revenues to the author. And it is referral based. If you sign up from my link, my commission comes from IB's part of the pot, not yours. It is not multi-level, no one loses, and the commissions are low enough that writing high quality content is still the only way to make it.

To see an example of the Full Circle or Closed Loop Posting System in action please read this article at Infobarrel. Within the article there you will see the links to my latest eHow's as the children. I didn't write a full article on each link either. I figured some would end up so short that I could not add any helpful info other than a link to use. I might be losing a bit of money on that though.

Please let me know what you think. I really am excited about this approach and the interactive nature of blogging allows a discussion with no RRCR pressure. Have a great weekend. - Phil

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Anonymous said...

Infobarrel actually pays 75% of earnings, not 50%

Just thought I'd point that out.

Phil said...

Thanks. If I am going to be mistaken it's good that it is in my favor.