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Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's A Whole New Look

Hi there. I got bored with the old template and decided to tweak it some. I am actually more comfortable with website design than I am with most forms of online activity. I get this urge to take things apart which really annoyed my mom and dad when I was a kid.

I also added some pages devoted to each site that I personally write on. This is still the main page, but, content specific stuff might go to the other pages so be sure to check them out as well.

So far, eHow continues to earn more money for me. But, I find myself intrigued by the challenge of mastering a direct adsense connection. So I am focusing more on IB and XOMBA to see what I can learn. So far I have two observations that I can use to my advantage.

First: Each is a distinctly different site. The Demographic for IB and XOMBA seem to be a younger crowd that is less inclined to read a long DIY article. Instead they seem to want the short version. I've also noticed that the depth of article topics at both sites run a lot more toward the social news category. So, articles about current events in sports, politics, and celebrity gossip just might have an income producing home there.

Second: Xomba is social as much as writing. It doesn't feature forums like eHow, but some articles generate a huge number of back-and-forth commenting. There is room for monetizing that as well as simply being neighborly.

Happy Springtime! See you soon. -Phil

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