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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Content Sites and Affiliate Marketing

IF you didn't already know it, I can think of three sites that allow affiliate links. Xomba, Squidoo, and eHow.

Of the three, you need to be careful at eHow and only use the links sparingly or they will get you for spamming and delete the article. Additionally, there are roving bands of eHow purists that will flag articles with affiliate links as spam to bring the "authorities" into the picture. Personally I don't use eHow for affiliate marketing. Just like bulk PM's, the backlash simply isn't worth it.

And, Squidoo is changing the TOU effective in July. There will be a limit to how many links you can have going out. They are also removing X-rated content. Squidoo is slipping in the ratings to other sites and I see this as an attempt to recapture some mojo from Google.

Xomba seems to be wide open to affiliate marketing. Keep your bytes and blurbs PG-13 or better and you will have it made.

Until next time....... Have a good one.