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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to get your eHow friends to help you

Hi guys and gals. This post is going to be on the infamous RRCR at eHow. RRCR stands for Read, Rate, Comment, Recommend. And most eHow writers seem to really want to get into this system to increase their article views and hopefully their earnings. I used to be one of them. But now, I am going to make my eHow friends an offer that will hopefully inject some actual integrity into that system and allow me to actually do a good deed and help them out. Please read on. As always, comments are welcomed.

According to Desolator144, comments on eHow articles only reduce the effectiveness of the keyword work you did. It goes something like this:

  1. You write an article with 1000 words on How To Do It All.
  2. Your friends on eHow rush to add views by opening your article and hopefully actually reading it.
  3. They then comment something to the effect of "Great Article, Thanks for Sharing".
  4. Then they hit you with five stars and click the recommend button.
At this point, your views are not from folks who might actually benefit from the article or check out the ads on the page. Also, the comments are not honest evaluations of how helpful your article is. In fact the additional 1000 words of comments just cut your keyword density in half since the adbot and the searchbot check out all the text and not just your masterpiece.

The five stars and recommend are feel good items that don't contribute to your search or ads either. But to be honest I like them since a person picking between a 2 star or 5 star article will likely go for the big 5. Y'know what what I mean? I think the same thing goes for Recommends as well.

So, my new policy is that I will post my article and broadcast it same as always. But I will specifically ask that you read it, not rate it, not comment on it.

Here is what I want: Please send me a PM with an honest evaluation of the article. Tell me if it was interesting. Did it read well? If you were to try doing it; would you be able to complete it without asking for more information? Were the ads on the page relevant in your opinion to the content of the article? Tell me all this in a PM and tell me what I need to do to earn a genuine 5-star rating from you personally along with an actual recommendation.

In return I will either do the same for you. Or, if you prefer I will default and RRCR your article of choice in the traditional manner. I want to help others and so even if I don't believe that RRCR is the way to go, I will do it for you if you want it that way.

I hope it makes sense. I hope you are making scads of cash. And I hope you read Desolators E-book. Here is his link again.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I have printed a copy of Desolators E-book, but I have not read it the whole book yet. It is a very interesting concept, though. I wonder if it would be benificial to go through and delete all of the comments on articles to make your keywords stand out again. What are your thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...
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Phil said...

I'm afraid that I can't edit your comment. But it's ok, I misspell words sometimes myself. Also, I don't think that eHow allows us to delete comments to our articles either.

Anonymous said...

This information was all new to me, Phil. I thought I was benfitting from the rrcr's, but maybe I'm not. I do know that my balance has been going up a lot this months, but I think it is because I started submitting the articles to search engines a few months ago, and now they are finally catching up. I will look into this information, and just PM you about your articles. Thank you again. Laura (ljbinkop)

James Miller said...

I honestly thought this was a very good article. RRCR at eHow does seem to be an exercise in futility. It appears to revolve around how many friends you can get to RRCR you and has little to do with content.

I tent to appreciate honest feedback more than anything.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment James made above. I no longer feel obligated to go through and RRR&R as much as I once did. I do message to give thoughts and correction tips instead. I think your idea is more of a benefit because we do not make money from other eHow writers RRR&R our articles, but from those who come in from an outside source and click on the ads in our articles, Right??

Phil said...

twocuriousgeorge: So far as I know, you are fully correct. We do not make money unless someone clicks on an ad. I also wanted to thank everyone for the interaction.

Anonymous said...

saw you on twitter great job

The key to making money is not just clicking the ads you need to stay on the site after clicking 2-3 minutes. also add as many key words as you can to your article (words in green) again stay on the link 2-3 minutes. Can't say that on ehow though.