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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Twitter-Like Place:

Hi there. I am not really a twitter guy. I admit it, I don't send text messages very well. So, to Tweet during the workday just doesn't get it for me. But, one thing that does get it for me is that micro-blogging might just become a writing sub-genre that pays the freelancer. So, this post is on tip dropping. is a micro-blog where you deliver tips on things with a 250 character limit. If you start the thread and others reply to it, your credibility goes up. It is an adsense sharing site like Infobarrel or Xomba and it has a referral mechanism that pays from the sites share.

I've browsed around the site and I think I can get something going since I write for eHow. If you are in the how-to mode, the writing should be fairly easy. I'll hold back on judging the effectiviness of the adsense shares until I see some money.

Oh, and unlike Twitter...... allows you to post videos on your tip sheets. That might eventually be the thing that tips a scale. As of today it's alexa rank is in the 165K range. That is good considering how long its been out. I'm willing to give it a shot and you might think about it too.