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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stumbleupon Surfing With Writers Block

I was kicking about the internet today with a severe case of writers block. My head felt like it was loaded with soaked cotton and nothing would really gel for me. I clicked on the "stumble" icon on the Stumbleupon Toolbar and looked in depth at three sites.

This was the first stumble. And it delivers on the promise. I clicked through several pages and thought that the ideas presented were really good. I think most would work best for fiction writing, but there are some that seriously give you some great ideas for non-fiction article writing. » Posts » 110+ Resources For Creative Minds: "Tips, tutorials, exercises and inspiration from the fields of visual art, writing, photography, blogging, design and invention. Next time you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration I hope you’ll find something here to get your right brain firing. A tip: sometimes the best sources of inspiration often lie far outside your own creative field.

1. 7 Can’t-Miss Ways to Kick-Start The Writing Habit
Write nothing but headlines. Write crap without feeling guilty. Schedule and show up. Write about problem solving. Edit older articles. Type out other people’s articles. Add your tip. [Tips: Writing]"
The second site has a different flavor to it. I think it originates in the UK. It seems fresh enough that you won't be writing deathless prose in the Shakespearean style. Instead it focuses on core skills. If you need a brush up, then this site can help you.
50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine: "Effective writing skills are to a writer what petrol is to a car. Like the petrol and car relationship, without solid skills writers cannot move ahead. These skills don’t come overnight, and they require patience and determination. You have to work smart and hard to acquire them. Only with experience, you can enter the realm of effective, always-in-demand writers."
The second link had an ad on it for demand studios. I clicked the ad because I wanted to see how they ran the program. There are two ways to get paid. The first is a flat fee, the second is residuals. To apply you click the link and upload a resume along with a writing sample in either .doc or .pdf format.

The site states they are looking for a college degree, or writing/journalism experience. I didn't go to college. And if I had a lot of experience you would not be reading The Freelance Rookie. I didn't apply, but the site is bookmarked for future reference. And if you didn't know it, Demand Studios owns
Freelance Writing Jobs | Demand Studios: "Demand Studios

is always looking to add new writers to the team. To apply please complete our online application by uploading your resume and writing sample."
So, feel free to stumble this post and check out those links. It ought to unstick a portion of any block you are working thru. If nothing else it will be entertaining, and in the case of the DS link, you might get a job.